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the rainbow promise「彩虹」仍聚温哥華

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Held annually on May 8, 2023, the Vancouver Hong Kong Market is a grand event for the Hong Kong community in Vancouver. Gathering many Hong Kong people, whether it is selling products, commemorating Hong Kong culture, historical heritage works, or even handcrafted with heart, they all carry a unique and unique Hong Kong color. The international city of the Pearl of the Orient is not a wave. It gained a false name, and the wave of immigrants made this unique color scattered in every corner of the world, and it was reborn to shine again!

Love of rainbow "Rainbow Village" is honored to participate for the first time. We have only been established for two months, and we have already made our debut and introduced them to local or newly arrived Hong Kong people, Taiwanese and Chinese from all over the world, including the LGBTQ2S+ community in Vancouver.

On that day, Ben prepared some products donated by supporters and a message Tee designed by volunteer Sam Sim for charity sale, so that we have more resources to promote and develop the ministry. Unexpectedly, there was an endless stream of people that day, but many people stayed to learn about our work, which shows that Canada can fully implement the Diversity and Inclusion social system. Our volunteers here include several parents of LGBTQ+ children. They talked to some young people and learned that they can live their true selves happily in the Vancouver community that advocates inclusion. But when it comes to promoting a harmonious relationship between LGBTQ+2S children and their parents At that time, the young people always raised their thumbs and gave us a lot of encouragement, which also showed that this was what they expected and what they really needed.

Many of them immigrated alone. Not only did their parents stay in Hong Kong, but what they left behind was a "frozen" relationship. I believe that the parties do not want to see these situations, but they just don't know how to deal with them. After all, "blood is thicker than water", and raising adults, who would not love their children?

We hope that a group of parents of our Love of Rainbow can walk together with the parents of new LGBTQ2S+ children, break through obstacles, build bridges, and share the blessing of "love to the end" when they walk this strange and uneven road. As for children, how to understand their parents' feelings and how to deal with their needs or fears, we will work hard for this, let young children know their parents' mental journey and aspirations, make families more harmonious, and society truly achieve harmony step by step, love and peace.

Hope that parents don't need to face the challenges alone anymore, we set up a "Parent Together" parent group once a month to walk with you.

2023 年5月8日舉行每年一度,溫哥華香港人市集,算是溫哥華港人社區的盛事。凝聚不少香港人,無論是銷售產品、紀念香港文化、歷史遺產作品,以至用心陶造的手作工藝,都帶著一份獨特而跳脫既香港色彩,東方之珠國際都市,並不是浪得虛名,移民潮更令這獨特色彩散落在世界每一個角落,再次重生發放異彩!

Love of rainbow 彩虹村有幸首度參與,只成立兩個月的我們,已經粉墨登場,介紹給本地或新來到的香港人、台灣及各地華人,包括溫哥華的LGBTQ+群體。

當日,本預備了一些支持者所捐出的產品及義工Sam Sim設計的message Tee 作義賣,讓我們有更多資源推動和發展事工。沒想到當天的人流源源不絕,卻有不少人留下來暸解我們的工作,體現加拿大能全面實踐Diversity and Inclusion社會體制。我們在塲的義工包括幾位LGBTQ+子女的家長,他們與一些年輕群體傾談,了解到他們在倡議共融的溫哥華社區能歡愉活出真正自己,但當說到我們推動LGBTQ+子女與家長和諧關係時,年輕人總舉起母指,給我們很大的鼓勵,也說明這是他們所期待和真正需要。


盼望我們Love of Rainbow的一群家長,走過這段陌生而不平坦的路時,都能與新LGBTQ子女家長們一起同行,突破障礙,建立橋樑,將「愛到底」的祝福分享。至於子女,如何明白父母的心情、應對他們的需要或恐懼,我們都會為此而努力,讓年青子女知道父母的心路歷程和心聲,令家庭更和諧,社會一步步真正的達至共融,愛與和平。

盼望父母也不需要再孤單的面對挑戰,我們成立一月一次的"Parent Together" 家長小組會與您同行。

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