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like father like son?「父親」等同「教練」?

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

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Father = coach? This is what I thought after becoming a father. As the son of the family, after giving birth, I will project my expectations and how to raise a boy to my son's growth. For example, I will arrange to learn some group activities, football, rugby baseball, etc., and I will also participate in golf activities. I use what I believe in to help my child. I hope that he can play team play activities, learn people skills, understand communication and get along with different people during sports. I always think that this will help him grow up and study in the future. , this is exactly his "future", as if it must happen in my expectation.

When I knew that my son had transgender tendencies, I always felt that it was possible to change it. When my son was in college, we also returned to Vancouver and lived together again. When he brought his partner to meet us, it was already confirmed that this is a person. Failing to change the situation, in fact, he just became the "self" we brought him into this world. I am a Daddy who can accept different things, so I will wait for time to change myself; in the process, I can continue to grow and develop, and I can also learn more from the "gay parents" group. In the past two or three years, I have deepened I know a lot of gay people around me, including the son of a friend who has known each other for decades, who is still learning today, not criticizing, and respecting individual differences.

I also hope that the parents of this LGBTQ2+ group will not resist or insist on inherent ideas, change their mentality, believe that they still have shortcomings, open up and learn continuously, and grow together with love in a diverse and inclusive Canada.

父親=教練?這是我成為父親後的想法。作為家中的孻子,生了孩子之後,會將自己期望和如何培養男孩子方式,投射到兒子成長,例如會安排學習一些團體活動,足球、欖球 baseball等等,亦會參加高爾夫球活動,將自己所相信的一套來幫助孩子,希望佢玩team play嘅活動 ,在運動之中能夠學到people skill懂溝通和跟不同的人相處,一直認為,這對他將來成長同學業都有幫助,這正是他的「將來」,彷似必然在我的期望中發生。



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