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amazing grace 感恩有您同行

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In mid-May this year, my husband and I traveled to Vancouver and met Sister E by the way. We got to know each other through the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong's LGBT Parents Group's hotline support. We have broken through geographical boundaries and have been together for more than a year through whatsapp text. We talked to each other about how to deal with the emotional problems caused by Zaizai coming out of the closet, and then slowly accepted and dealt with inner conflicts and questions, especially the difference in acceptance between myself and my husband.

I am very grateful to E for inviting me and my husband to attend her family dinner. It gave us the opportunity to see the warm and harmonious environment of the E family, and let my husband understand that more LGBT couples are not much different from traditional heterosexual couples.

Later, E introduced me to meet Tess. Tess learned of my concerns (that is, my husband has not fully accepted Ah Tsai’s coming out, and hopes that Ah Tsai’s "choice" can be changed or corrected in the future), and she subtly Allowing my husband to meet and chat with his husband, infecting my husband with his experience of how he accepted his son coming out of the closet. Although my husband was not immediately moved, I believe this experience in Vancouver will give him reflection and plant the seeds deep in his heart so that he can gradually improve his inner conflicts in the future.

I am grateful for the mutual support, care and encouragement of fellow travelers, and hope that everyone will work hard to build a more inclusive and harmonious society.

今年五月中,我和丈夫到温哥華旅遊,順道跟Sister E相聚。我們是透過香港小童羣益會LGBT家長組熱線支援而認識。我們打破了地域界限,以whatsapp同行一年多,大家互相傾談如何面對仔仔出櫃而引伸的情緒問題,繼而慢慢接納和處理內心的矛盾和疑問,尤其自身跟丈夫的接納程度有差異。很多謝E邀約我和丈夫出席了她的家庭聚餐,令我們有機會見到E一家和諧相處的温馨情况,以及讓我的丈夫明瞭多些LGBT couple跟傳統的異性戀couple没有多大分別。

其後,E更介紹我和Tess見面,Tess得悉我的擔憂 (即是丈夫仍未完全接受阿仔出櫃,並寄望阿仔這個"選擇"可以日後再作改變或糾正),巧妙地讓我的丈夫可以跟其丈夫見面閒談,藉此以其丈夫如何接納其兒子出櫃的經歷去感染我的丈夫。雖然我的丈夫未有即時被打動,但是我相信這次在温哥華的經歷會給他反思,亦會把種子埋下他的內心深處,好讓他日後逐漸改善內心的矛盾。感恩同路人的互相扶持,關愛和鼓勵,期望大家努力共建更包容和諧的社會。

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