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Seeing the World Through a New Lens 義工美麗視覺

I’ve been a volunteer for LORRA since March 2023. I am from a city where the idea of LGBTIQ+ has not yet been widely accepted. Canada gives me a different perspective towards this subject, and LORRA provides me this window to see how real struggles can be amid cultural difference and misunderstanding, and how the team keeps going to overcome the hurdles. Volunteering as a translator, I have the chance read in depth stories from different people of this beautiful community, to learn from them, and to give back in a personal way. I am grateful for being part of this bright, heartful team of LORRA. And for the few hours a week I spend at this, the experience is disproportionately rich for me.

- Jenny

我從2023 年 3 月起加入成為 LORRA 的義工。我來自一個 LGBTIQ+社群尚未被廣泛接受的城市,加拿大讓我從另一個角度了解LGBTIQ+,LORRA 則讓我一窺LGBTIQ+群體是如何在文化差異和誤解中努力清除障礙,團隊又是如何不懈地克服困難。參與網站的翻譯工作讓我有機會深入閱讀這個美麗群體的故事,從故事中學習,以個人方式回饋。很感恩有機會成為 LORRA 的義工,每週不佔太多時間,卻給予我異常豐富的經歷。

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