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Happy Pride, Sad Reality? 慶典背後真實世界

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My family walks with me!

Is it important that your family walks with you?

This year’s Vancouver Pride Parade in Vancouver has more people than last year to participate, and the number of parades sent is also increasing. Whether it is from a commercial perspective or towards the goal of achieving true communion, more people will always pay attention to it. The "truth" is close to the "reality".

When our teammates saw many young people on both sides, and saw so many parents, relatives, and friends of others standing up to support them, they were moved to tears. It was really heartbreaking. What they longed for and valued may be their family members , parents and your identity and peers?

This time, Love Of Rainbow participated in the parade of PFLAG's "Gay Parents' Association". "One heart, love to the end" is the value that our different organizations embrace together.

Love Of Rainbow seems to be the only Hong Kong parent representative at this year's Vancouver Pride. I hope that next year more Hong Kong parents can gather together and come out bravely. Don't let the tears of young people flow in vain, and don't let them continue to face it alone. ,May I?

Let us hold hands and reply that this is a beautiful world created by God. We should stop deceiving our ears and stealing the bell, and we should no longer make hasty judgments about the value of other people's lives. We should keep an open mind, open the "clouds" of our heads, look at the world and return to the depths of our hearts. From here, see clearly the "insecurity and fear", and re-understand the universe, which is indeed infinite than what we can imagine.

I am so happy to be able to attend together with a founding parent of Love of Rainbow and several young dragon boat teammates. I feel the "warmth" and the promise of God's rainbow. No matter where we are scattered, we are one family. Hong Kong people are proud of the universal values ​​they embrace. Stepping into this free land and holding the passport of the Maple Leaf Country also means that we fully agree with the country's precious values ​​of freedom, respect and inclusiveness in all aspects.

Ask again: Is it important to walk with your LGBTQ+ children?

Closed Parents, Coming on out! Let us rebuild that unconditional love and warmth together!

My family walks with me!


今年溫哥華Vancouver Pride Parade 較去年特別多人到塲參與,派出的遊行隊伍亦不斷增加,無論在商業角度或朝著達至真正共融的目標也好,總是令更多人能關注其可看見的「真相」,接近的「現實」。


今次Love Of Rainbow 參與PFLAG「同志家長同行機構」的遊行隊伍,「同一心,愛到底」正是我們不同機構,共同擁抱的價值觀。

Love Of Rainbow 看來亦是今年Vancouver Pride唯一港人家長代表,盼望下一年能凝聚更多港人父母,勇敢的走出來,不要讓年輕人的眼淚白流,不要讓他們繼續孤單的面對,可以嗎?


好開心能與一位Love of Rainbow創會家長及幾位年輕龍舟隊友一起出席,感受到那份「暖」,上帝彩虹的應許,無論散落那處,我們都是一家人。香港人引以為傲,擁抱的普世價值,踏進這遍自由土地,手持楓葉國的護照,亦代表我們是徹底的認同這國家寶貴的自由、尊重及各方面共融的價值觀。


Closeted Parents, Coming on out! 讓我們一起重建那份無條件的愛和暖!

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