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Investigation Notes调查手记

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Investigation Notes

* 參考圖片

Find the Chinese version by scrolling down.全中文版置於最下方。

In the fall of 2021, I taught at a university in Beijing. A girl in the class timidly sent me a message saying that she has missed a lot of classes, very sorry and want to talk to me in person. I bought her a cup of milk tea and asked her if something had happened


"Well, it's nothing, just...just, I tried to commit suicide a few days ago."

I was so shocked that I stared at her blankly.

What did you say? What happened?

Then she told me intermittently that she took a lot of sleeping pills at home late at night and passed out in the bathroom. Fortunately, her grandma found her while going to the toilet at night and rushed to the hospital for gastric lavage, which saved her life. I held her and cried. I said "you don’t know how good you are and how many people love you." This girl is indeed very good. She got good grades in my film studies course, writes beautiful calligraphy, has created interesting screenwriting works, and speaks English fluently.

After comforting her for a while, she asked me, "Teacher, what do you think about liking people of the same sex? " I just vaguely guessed what was wrong with her. Severe depression and suicidal tendencies turned out to be caused by relationships with homosexuals.

She said "I have an emotionally stable girlfriend and the two have a tacit understanding. However, huge pressure comes from the people around you. My girlfriend’s mother liked her very much at first and only regarded her as her daughter’s good friend. Once she found out that the two girls were in a relationship, the mother flew into a rage and said that she was leading her daughter badly. "

She would never dare to tell the truth to her parents, and even her friends in the dormitory would ridicule her when she called her lover. The breathless pressure made her desperate. It was not until the last moment that she asked for help. She found an excuse to apologize for missing class and wanted to talk to the teacher.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised by the pressure she's experiencing. Beijing in the 2020s, please! Homosexuality is a very distant legend? Haven't you watched "Happy Together", "Brokeback Mountain" and "Face"? Well, even if not,

You know the "East Palace and West Palace" under the city of Beijing, right? Now that I think about it, I do seem to be a bit harsh on others. I am a professional who uses film as a cognitive perspective, but others may not. Older people may have prejudices against homosexuality, and younger people may also have prejudices against homosexuality. When I was in college, homosexuality was a mysterious but respectable topic. Now, various political decrees on the Chinese Internet have made LGBTQ+ an untouchable existence.

For example, on Valentine's Day in 2009, a lesbian couple took wedding photos on Qianmen Street in Beijing (a famous attraction), The news of the photo was published in mainstream media. But now, the topic of homosexuality doesn’t even deserve a #超话 on social media.

People seem to have no normal information channels to learn about the LGBTQ+ community.

For this girl, I encourage her to go to the UK, France, Taiwan, and Canada. In short, there are so many places where same-sex marriage is legal, and it is worth working hard for happiness. At that time, I thought such a country or region was fantastic.

Everyone accepts LGBTQ+ people with open arms. Until I came to Canada and saw the Parents March against SOGI in 2023. It must be admitted that Canada's protection of gay rights is still excellent, at least far beyond that of China. However, society is still not tolerant of the transgender community.

So I conducted this brief independent investigation with questions. I summarized some of the concerns of parents who oppose SOGI


First, children will be taught bad things. However, if a homosexual cannot be "taught" to be heterosexual, then why?

Will children who believe they are heterosexuals easily be taught to be homosexuals?

Second, children will try to cross gender because of uncertainty, rebellion, and curiosity. However, the child himself does not know how to take medicine

Will it be painful? Will the surgery be painful? If gender expression is changed just out of curiosity - how many days do boys want to wear it

If a girl wants to keep her hair short for a few days, what's the harm?

Third, parents cannot intervene. According to Canadian law, this is indeed the case, but parents who have been in their family for more than ten years

Is education so unconfident? If your children are unwilling to communicate with you about such an important decision as gender reassignment surgery, then it’s the parents who should reflect, not the school, right?

Let’s go back to the original intention of SOGI, which is to build an inclusive environment. This doesn't mean I have to become someone else,

But when I find that others are different from me, I can understand, accept, and continue to accept his/her character, personality, and hobbies,

decide whether you want to make friends or not.

I have several LGBTQ+ friends. Some of them have outstanding artistic talents, and some have high academic achievements

Accomplishments (yes, the scholar who found many problems with my paper. Although I am not happy, I have to admit it),

Some people are very passionate about technology, and some are very capable of cosmetics sales. They deserve to be respected and live a happy life.

We Chinese call our parents "parents", implying that parents should be responsible for important things. But parents are first and foremost "family", home

People just need to understand and love. The mother of my student’s girlfriend happily accepted her as her daughter’s friend, in love

The person's role is regarded as the same as the enemy, but she is still her, nothing has changed. I hope there are fewer stories like this, and even fewer.




安抚了一阵后,她问我,老师,你对喜欢同性这件事怎么看? 我才隐约猜到她的心病。严重抑郁、自杀倾向,原来源自于与同性恋人的情感。她有一个情感稳定的女朋友,两人很默契。但是,巨大的压力来自于周围的人们。女朋友的妈妈一开始很喜欢她,只当她是女儿的好朋友。一旦发现这两个女孩子在谈恋爱,妈妈勃然大怒,说她带坏了自己的女儿。










第1, 孩子会被教坏。可是,如果一个同性恋无法被“教”成异性恋,那么为什么相


第2, 孩子会因为不确定、叛逆、好奇而尝试跨性别。可是,孩子自己不知道吃药



第3, 家长无法干预。依照加拿大的法律确实如此,但是家长对自己十几年的家庭







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