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Updated: Sep 6, 2023

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I departed

It has been two and a half months since I bid farewell to my mother at the Hong Kong airport. It's the beginning of the second half of my life – a new chapter in a new country. I was not scared at all; I was a bit excited. I started anew in the Land of Maple Leaf peacefully. Initially, I intended to go to Toronto to try my luck, which was postponed because of a free windsurfing opportunity offered by Alan, a classmate from high school. It should be freezing in November in Toronto. Alex, another old friend from high school, has been urging me to meet in Vancouver; we haven't met for 41 years. I haven't done packing. If I needed to carry four to five suitcases with me, would it be a headache to take everything to Vancouver and then return to the airport to fly to Toronto a couple of days later? Dozens of plans came to my mind. I became so worried that I declined all farewell invites from my friends. Of course, the other issue I was concerned about was the case I got COVID because of the gatherings; it might delay my plan and cost extra money to renew my tickets. Somehow, an idea popped up. The Internet showed it costs HKD4,000 for a direct flight to Vancouver and HKD2,000 for a one-way ticket from Vancouver to Toronto. It would be cheaper to fly from Hong Kong and transit to Toronto. I am someone who wants to avoid trouble. It would not matter where I will land first, as I want to experience different cities in Canada. Taking the route to Vancouver is more cost-saving as well…

We met

Before I flew, Alex said I could stay with him a little longer while looking for a job. His niece Sharon was also new to Vancouver with an OWP (open work permit) and stayed with him for half a year. It turns out that this old friend had already shared my sexual reassignment experience with his wife and niece. Though we haven't met for decades, he should have already learnt from the media that I am pretty easygoing. And, if I were not introduced like that, it would be hard to explain how Alex got a female classmate from a boys' school. This sounds interesting to me! He also mentioned that Sharon has a local friend who wants to meet me…

It was a Sunday, four days after I landed in Canada. Alex and his wife go to a Catholic Church. We went to a Catholic secondary school where many of my classmates became Catholics; I somehow became a Christian. Before I moved here, I was looking for a church that would allow me to continue my faith life. On that Sunday, I had not yet recovered from jet lag. But when Sharon asked if I wanted to go to church, I said yes immediately. She told her friend Tess would give us a ride. Tess and her husband came to pick us up and brought us to a church she found online. She would like to explore when The United Church of Canada accepts and support same-sex marriage and whether its Chinese worship would follow; if not, what are the reasons? How friendly would it be? After the worship service, Tess friendly approached the serving co-workers to find answers; the result was disappointing. This however

reinforced our beliefs in our inner calls to mission: we are called to bridge the Chinese church and the LGBTIQ+ communities, to realize the one love of the Lord in this land, and to facilitate Chinese LGBTIQ+ members to be treated fairly and to live a better life!

We covenanted

In the following two months after this church experience, we met a couple of times and exchanged insights about our faith lives and pre-LGBTIQ+ experiences. The Tess couple often gave me tours of different places. They took the chance to explore as well. We three agree: we all look forward to the future ministry entrusted by God and the possibility of realizing it. A few days ago, on a hazy, drizzling day, we drove somewhere by the sea. We prayed together and made a covenant with God to kick off this wonderful ministry officially–God is this ministry's CEO. After we prayed, Ellis asked if we noticed the silver linings in the gloomy sky. I said no.

I stared into the distance, thinking of a good friend, Paul I met at a church gathering in Hong Kong three months ago. Paul is a brother from Canada. After moving to Canada, he asked me to look for opportunities to establish an LGBTIQ+ service agency. According to him, though the Canadian government is very supportive, there are very few LGBTIQ+ agencies serving the Chinese community; there is a lack of talent to run such agencies. Tess and I are both from Hong Kong. We had never crossed paths with each other. We experience different lives in different worlds. Yet, under God's grace and leadership, we embraced the same dream and finally met here in Canada…

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and hope. Jeremiah 29:11








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